[Ansteorra-rapier] Regional rapier practice

Chris Zakes moondrgn at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 10 07:26:07 PDT 2005

Fair Greetings,

Queen's Champion is three weeks away. For those who would like a bit of 
extra preparation before Queen's, I will be hosting a regional rapier 
practice on the Sunday before Queen's (i.e. July 24th) at McNeil Park, in 
Round Rock. This is Bryn Gwlad's usual Sunday Fighter Practice site 
(http://bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org/whereweare.php and scroll down for a map.) 
The park has *lots* of trees, convenient bathrooms, a playground for the 
kids and plenty of parking.

Come join us to prepare to give HRH Saeraid the best Queen's yet.

	-Tivar Moondragon

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