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Laurie muirghein at plaiddragon.net
Thu May 26 05:43:46 PDT 2005

Once again the Wars of Gothic are upon us.  We have been called by the Baron of Bonwicke to drive back the black horde led by Captain Ruspoli, who has threatened his lands.  I shall be organizing the fields of battle for the rapier fighters who will surely wish to join in this fight.  Gothic Wars will be held on Labor Day weekend in Sweetwater, Texas.  There shall be two tournament competitions on Saturday, consisting of a double elimination tournament and a challenge tournament.  The challenge tournament will be running throughout out the day, including during the double elimination tournament.  For those who feel they never get in enough fighting, this is the War for you, for you shall have as many fights as you can find opponents.  The challenge tourney will be a point system, which will be announced in detail at a later time.

As for Sunday, we shall hold a number of exciting melees scenarios.  There will be a Holy Grail tournament, in which teams will be required to capture and defend the Grail.  We may have a tavern brawl, if sufficient props can be found.  There will also be a ressurection battle.  There may be other scenarios, if there is sufficient time and fighters.  

Come one and all to make this a glorious event to remember!  Let us show the might of the rapier fighters of our lands!

Please feel free to forward this post to any list you might feel appropriate.  I would like to make sure a special invitation is presented to our friends in the Outlands as well as anyone else who might be interested.  

In service,
Lady Muirghein MacKiernan
Holder of the Queen's Glove of Ansteorra - Britta
Free Scholar of the Academy of Defense of Drachenwald
Cadet to Don Christian Dore'

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