[Ansteorra-rapier] Defenders of the Rose is Coming Soon!

Lisa A. May maaggie3 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 15 20:17:59 PDT 2005

Unto the good peoples of Ansteorra, warm greetings from the Companions of
the Order of the Rose in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
With the approval of Their Majesties and the gracious assistance of the
Shire of Emerald Keep and the Shire of Shadowlands, the Companions of the
Order of the Rose proudly announce the Defenders of the Rose event!  The
Defenders of the Rose is a two-day event, and the Order gently requests that
all good folk attending plan to stay through the Rose Court that will end
the event on Sunday afternoon. 

Tournaments will be held to choose Defenders for Archery, Chivalric combat,
Equestrian, Performance Arts, Rapier combat, and Static Arts.  The winner of
each of the Lists will become a Member of the Company of Defenders of the
Rose, a title of honor only. The title requires no formal duties, except
those the Defenders choose to levy upon themselves, and each Defender will
receive a ring of precious metals from the Companions of the Rose there

Come and vie to join our premier Defenders:   Archery, Ulrich of Carolingia;
Chivalric combat, Sir Romanius Vesperianus; Equestrian, Sir Henri le Hibou
du Bois; Performance Arts, Doña Antonia Bianca Santiago da Lagos; Rapier
combat, Count Simonn of Amber Isle and Don Brendan McEwan; and Static Arts,
HL Augaire Uisnigh (Ari).
The assembled Companions of the Rose will also be granting largesse to those
who display great prowess, deeds of chivalry and courtesy, deaths of great
drama, artistry of unique talent, stirring renditions of bard craft, or
whatever pleases the Companions throughout the weekend.  The theme for the
event is (naturally) Roses, and the Order will look kindly upon those who
honor it with displays of its symbol.

The Defenders of the Rose will be held on the weekend of November 4-6 at a
new site in Riesel, Texas, just west of Waco.  There is plenty of camping
space against a belt of trees, a large feast hall with full kitchen (and
modern plumbing!), a covered pavilion and plenty of room for our Defender
Tournaments!  There are also a number of inns and taverns close by in
Bellmeade and Waco.  Countess Tessa and Countess Vanessa will be preparing a
fabulous feast for the first 125 reserved.  Feast reservations must be made
via ACCEPS (which will be up soon) before October 28th.

Please watch for full details in the Black Star, mark this date on your
calendars and plan to join us for a weekend of beauty, pageantry, and
valiant deeds!

In Service to Ansteorra,
The Companions of the Order of the Rose in Ansteorra

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