[Ansteorra-rapier] Southern Regional Rapier Practice at Raven's Fort Defender

elizabeth@crouchet.com elizabeth at crouchet.com
Sun Sep 18 16:00:46 PDT 2005

This weekend at Raven's Fort Defender there will be a Southern Regional
Rapier Practice from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, just after the tournaments. Of
course, everyone is invited whether you are Southern or not.

Here are some of the highlights:

- Authorizing marshals will be there if you need to add or renew a

- The Southern Regional Rapier Marshal will be teaching a class for
marshals starting at 3:30pm.

- The Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal will also be there with New Rules and
Regs   and new Forms for authorizations. A New Rules Class will not be
taught unless there is sufficient interest. Email her with your request
for that. elizabeth at crouchet.com

- A number of Dons, Doñas and their cadets should be at this event. A
White Scarf Circle planned for this event has just been canceled but
of the WS who were coming for that circle are still planning to attend
should be available for the practice.

If you have questions for the Dons or the Marshals, if you need a
class, if you would like some training or if you just want some pickup
fights, come to Raven's Fort Defender and plan to stay for the Practice.

Don Christian Doré, Southern Regional Rapier Marshal

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