[Ansteorra-rapier] White Scarf Day

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Fri Mar 10 07:20:54 PST 2006

And thank you Tivar-sama for your part in bringing it to us.

HL Toshiro Koi

>From: Chris Zakes <moondrgn at earthlink.net>

>Subject: [Ansteorra-rapier] White Scarf Day
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 08:10:46 -0600
>Fair Greetings,
>Twenty-seven years ago today, the Principality of Ansteorra created the 
>first Order to recognize courtesy, skill and teaching ability on the rapier 
>field. At that time, there were only six kingdoms in the SCA, and rapier 
>was (to the best of my knowledge) only practiced in two of them.
>Today, there are nineteen kingdoms in the SCA and rapier is practiced in 
>eighteen of them. The White Scarf is a grant-level award in eleven of those 
>kingdoms; the others have their own high-level rapier awards.
>Happy White Scarf day, everybody!
>	-Tivar Moondragon
>	Ansteorran fossil

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