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Sean Hertzberg colsith at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 10:05:31 PDT 2006

 Greetings to Ansteorra!

I have gotten several people asking about what is up with the Cut&Thrust
program.  So everyone knows, there was a mix up when the Warrant list was
put together.  Currently, the only two Authorizing Marshals for C&T are
myself and Don Dore.  And as the rules are set up, I am the only one that
can sign for more Authorizing Marshals.

So...we need to get more Auth Marshals made.  Once we have them, they can
sign for new fighters.  Dore and I should both be at the Roses Tourney and I
have talked with a few people to get signed there.  I will then also be at 3
Kings and Bordermarch and will hope to be able to work with more people

So...currently, if you have a SideSword Auth from before that is still good,
you are still authed to fight, but not to make new fighters.  But we want to
get as many people transitioned to the new cards as soon as we can.  The new
auths will go on the new green cards, so it will all be one card.

Also, remember that currently there is still no C&T in Tourney.  Demo and
practice only.

Feel free to pass this info on as needed.

Don Avery Shaw
C&T Marshal, Ansteorra
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