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Hola Gassion,

Feel free to use any of the material from our webpage for your presentation
so long as you cite the source.  To get to the practical stuff go to Theory
and Practice and you will find articles and drills to help people get


If you come up with your own class materials and want to share them, let me
know and I can post them on our site.


On 2/20/07, Ed <gassion_de_beaumarchais at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Greetings all,
> I've requested a 2 hour block on the GW schedule to present information
> and training in Destreza (Spanish Rapier).  Unfortunately I didn't meet the
> publication dead-line to get the information into the Gulf Wars hand-book.
> So, I'm offering to send out a copy of my notes and handout to anyone that
> is interested.  If you would like a copy, or just more information please
> contact me privately.
> The class at War will be limited to 15 people.  However, if there are more
> people interested I am willing to present the information multiple times,
> minimum of six people at a time.  So if you miss it and can get a few people
> together I'll happily re-present the class as time permits.
> Gassion
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