[Ansteorra-rapier] Greetings

robert rothbury eversbane at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 17 13:31:40 PDT 2007

You do me great honor, Sir Marshal. I am humbled.

Unfortunately, it will take a great deal of practice, and strenuous dieting 
to get me back on the field without disgrace. My inspiration is to train my 
sons in the noble art of defense. I pray to God to give me strength to 
complete that task, if none other.

Your servant,


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>Welcome back, Eversbans. And I hope to one day stand next to you, or across
>from you if fate deems so, on the field of honor.
>HL Toshiro Koi
>Rapier Marshal for the Barony of Bonwicke
>"The fields are green,
>The blossoms bloom.
>I go to nourish them
>With honor."

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