[Ansteorra-Rapier] A tourney is coming!

Sean Hertzberg colsith at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 08:24:13 PDT 2007

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Unto the rapier fighters of Ansteorra do I, Don Avery Shaw, send greetings!

Gather your friends!  Sharpen your swords!  Ready your tactics!

There is a tournament coming....the first step of a path that will
travel the length and breadth of our fair land.  By command of their
Royal Majesties, a tourney to find the best team of rapier fighters in
Ansteorra is about to commence!

Saturday, September 15th, at Moonshadowe's Triumphe, the initial bouts
will be fought.  The team that wins the day will be awarded an Iron
Star forged by the hand of Master Eisen.  As this victorious team
travels our Kingdom, this will be their symbol of victory....and mark
them as a target.  For whoever holds the Star must defend it.
Challengers may appear to demand by what right they hold the Star.
And if defeated, the new victors are now the new targets until they
are defeated and so on.

Details will be forthcoming, but for now, ready your warriors...3-5 fighters
per team, no more than 2 white scarves per team.  The battle

In Service,
Don Avery Shaw
General, Ansteorra's Rapier Army

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