[Ansteorra-rapier] Results of the First Iron Star!

Sean Hertzberg colsith at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 12:54:41 PDT 2007

Greetings to Ansteorra!

This past weekend at Moonshadowe, the first round of the Tourney of
the Iron Star was held.

We had five teams competing, so it was decided that we would do a
simple round robin, everyone fights everyone else once.

Seamus, cadet to Don Elric, again brought the little red bus full of
fighters down from Calontir, eager to play with Ansteorra.  His
Majesty formed a team with the ominous name of "Team Instantaneous
Banishment" ~grin~, the good ship Raptor was in force, as well as
another team from the Northern region.  Rounded out by the fifth team
with 4 fighters from the Southern region along with (his words, not
mine) "the token knuckle
dragging stick jock", Sir Godwin.  :-)

The fighting was a lot of fun, the battles hard fought and very clean.
 There were a couple of shots that may have landed a bit hard, but the
camaraderie of all on the field was never in question.  A delightful
day all in all...with one very interesting result.

The first holders of the Iron Star of Ansteorra...

Team Blackheart, captained by Cadet Seamus of Calontir defeated Team
Instantaneous Banishment in the final round.  They will be
at Namron Protectorate in 4 weeks to offer the first defense of the Iron Star.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
Don Avery Shaw

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