[Ansteorra-rapier] Linen Doublet for Rapier combat

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Tue Jan 29 18:26:30 PST 2008

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Does anyone know a vendor in our  Kingdom or someone who can make a 
multi-layered Linen Doublet for Rapier  combat? I would like to have one made that will 
breath much better for the  warmer months that will be coming up this year. 
If you know of such a person,  please respond here or you may e-mail me at 
aron_hunter at yahoo.com
Thank you,
Lord Aron  (Seawinds)

The lady Anne does great work down in Stargate I think. I have one of her  
hoods. It rocks.
Last I knew her contact info is _barringtonandco at gmail.com_ 
(mailto:barringtonandco at gmail.com) 
Don PIeter

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