[Ansteorra-rapier] Iron Star At Queens

James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Thu Jul 3 11:22:11 PDT 2008

Team 83 1/2 buttons is now accepting challenges to fight for the Iron Star
at Queen's Champion on Saturday, July 19 in Castleton (Bryn Gwlad). We will
not accept challenges in person until just before the Iron Star competition
at Queen's. Instead, please send your challenge to me via email, or by text
or phone.  This will allow us to attach an exact time to each challenge
since the order of the challenges *will* matter. In matters where a decision
is to be made, such as which side of the field to take or who to fight
first, the earlier challengers will have first choice.

In your challenge please include:

   1. Your Team Name
   2. The Name of Your Team Captain
   3. Your Current Slate of Members

Of course, you may change who your members will be as needed anytime before
the competition starts.

Since we will be in the village of Castleton we plan to use the terrain to
provide battles that will be more interesting than ordinary open field
battles. This may include fort battles, bridge battles, a fight to take over
a ship and a tavern brawl. We will determine the elimination format when we
see how many teams challenge. We want to have plenty of fighting but stay
within our time constraints. We do expect to have a final with just two

83 1/2 buttons will participate in the elimination along with the other
teams so we may not be in the final.

To contact me use the email from which I sent this note (NOT the KRM
address). You may text me or call me between 10am and 11pm at 512-567-5076.

Baron Christian Doré, WSA
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