[Ansteorra-rapier] Vivats for several fencers at Guardian of the Gauntlet / Iron Star

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun May 4 09:20:57 PDT 2008

I've returned from the event, and several fencers caught my attention.

Don Dyryke, Don Sebastian.  As previous winners of the Gauntlet, they each 
took the field and faced thirty opponents, one after another.

Don Alaric.  Reminding us that our focus is more than just fencing, Alaric 
challenged each entrant by asking questions about period military history.

Giovanni of the Steppes.  Facing me in the first round, he won the fight. 
He struck my neck when my blade hit (and bounced off of) my arm.  I walked 
off content.  But he wasn't.  He realized that my shot had bounced into his 
chest, so he came up to me, and then the list mistress, to re-fight his 
first tourney victory over a Don, because he wanted honor more than 

Lady (?) Caitlin.  Is there a more fun fight anywhere in the kingdom?  She 
came up for pick-ups, and more than held her own against me in my furious, 
run-around, closing-fast style of fight.  Her skills are slowly growing to 
match her level of fun -- no small feat.

Vyolante.  Fairly new, she entered both the Guardian of the Gauntlet and a 
rather challenging bardic competition.  But her willingness to help is 
strong enough that I had to find a replacement marshall for her so she 
could actually get to the bardic competition

Lord Brian ui William: No particular moment, but Brian always brings honor, 
respect and joy to our field.  He is focused on his fencing, without ever 
losing sight of the fact that it's about more than a physical struggle. 
When he's there, the Star shines more brightly.

Delayed Banishment -- melee team of Prince Ulsted, Lord Corvin, Emmeline, 
Caitlin, and one other,  (Somebody please supply the name.  He / she 
deserves the word-fame.  The team was formed on the day, from people who 
had not worked together and didn't even attend the same practice.  With no 
White Scarves, they fought well together and placed into the finals.  Well 

Prince Ulsted.  His Highness honored us by fighting in both the tourney and 
the melees.  He turns out to be pretty darn good at protecting himself with 
a large shield.  Who knew?

Baron Avery.  In his first Iron Star melee, his opponents tried what seemed 
like a good tactic -- isolating Avery from his team.  They sent two fencers 
to keep him busy.  It worked reasonably well -- they forced him back and 
kept him away from the main melee.  But while he was defending against them 
both, he was able to keep watching and directing the rest of his team --  
giving commands that were winning the battle.  That was probably the most 
impressive fighting feat I saw throughout the Star melees.  (It convinced 
Us that it wouldn't be good enough to isolate Avery's physical presence --  
because his mind was still deep in the rest of the melee.)

Iron Star defenders -- Baron Avery, Baroness Gwenneth, Master Pug, and two 
more whose names I can't place (name please?).  After a round-robin that 
reduced the field to three teams, they were fighting Us, and had reduced Us 
to Uilliac alone against four of them.  They offered him single combat, 
which he won.  Had the four of them chosen to swarm him, they would have 
easily won.  The only reason they didn't place into the final round was the 
high level of honor they showed to their opponents.  We are honored to 
follow them as defenders of the Iron Star.

Lord Uilliac. He was the star of the team that eventually won the Iron 
Star.  He faced four on one, was granted single combat, and then faced 
three-on-one, two-on-one, and then one-on-one with both of them grounded. 
He won that fight, setting up the final bout (and his team's eventual 
victory).  He is also the only fencer who has competed in every single Iron 
Star tourney.

The White Scarves, supporting the arts.  Attending the Elfsea bardic 
competition were one knight, one Pelican, one Laurel, and three White 
Scarves.  Yup, we showed three times the support for this arts competition 
as any peerage, including the Laurels.  Also, there was deep White Scarf 
support for the event.  We had Dons / Donas made in 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002, 
1997, 1996, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1984, and 1981.

There were more great moments.  I didn't see it all, and don't remember all 
the great moments I saw.  But all day long, I was continually reminded how 
proud I am to be associated with Ansteorra's fencers.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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