[Ansteorra-rapier] Competition at Order of the White Scarf 30th Anniversary Event.

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On Apr 9, 2009, at 4:34 PM, Candice Blaschke <solarandraste at yahoo.com>  

> Greetings non-White Scarf Rapier Fighters of Ansteorra!
> The order of the White Scarf is about to celebrate it's 30th  
> anniversary.  Deeply embedded in the tradition of the White Scarf is  
> that of cadets and associates pulling pranks on their Dons and  
> Donas.  A number of us feel that this celebration would not be  
> complete without some of this mayhem occurring.
> With this in mind, this missive is to announce a competition for  
> fighters to open their bag of tricks, sharpen their wits, and  
> channel their inner Loki, Anansi, Pan, Coyote, (you get the idea).   
> Yes, you're reading correctly, this is a prank contest.  The time  
> has come to unleash a marvel of cunning unto the members of the  
> Order of the White Scarf at the 30th Anniversary event on April 18.
> Rules:
> This is open to all cadets and other non-White Scarf fighters  
> present at the event.
> Three mystery judges will be in attendance to observe and judge  
> pranks. The Standard A&S judging form will *NOT* be used.
> Pranks must be performed and completed on the day of the event by  
> evening court Saturday evening, when the winner will be announced.
> Prizes will be awarded for best pranks.
> Remember, this is a case where bigger (or louder, brighter, or more  
> outrageous) is better.  A prank that goes unnoticed never occurred.
> Disclaimer:  Pranksters are fully responsible and become open  
> targets for retaliation or escalation by the targeted White  
> Scarves.  Choose your pranks and targets wisely.
> Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions as  
> solarandraste_AT_yahoo.com.
> Lady Caitlin Faelain
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