[Ansteorra-rapier] Spears for heavy Rapier

Cody Hoffman glowpoi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 19:14:17 PDT 2009

Hey didn't they have combat archery at the gulf rapier battles? are
the crossbows they used the same used on the heavy field? 600 inch
pounds packs a punch if u can take that u could take a padded pike.
Even if you went to the youth boffer standard if would at least make
the rapier battles more fun. ^_^

Ld Ochoa Ramirez de Orozco

On 4/19/09, Patnton at cs.com <Patnton at cs.com> wrote:
> Might I suggest we also borrow some from our heavy brethern and if we are
> to have pikes, have them with padded ends, even the low profile type end?
> I'm not sure about getting hit in the face with a pike, but I suspect a
> padded
> pike would be better than a flexible blade.
> Don Antonius
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