[Ansteorra-rapier] Spears for heavy Rapier

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Mon Apr 20 12:43:10 PDT 2009

Many of the LARP groups do not allow head shots, with any weapon. 

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> So it sounds like lots of people would like to find a spear
> to play with.
> The general consensus seems to be that some kind of metal
> blade on the
> end won't work but some kind of padded end might.
> The chiv community currently uses a padded end spear. But
> many do not
> think crossing over this one as-is would be a good idea.
> OK, so let's take the idea of the Chiv spear with the
> padded end, not
> the low profile end. That one already has a lot of kinks
> worked out of
> it. What might have to be different to make a spear
> workable for rapier?
> If not that one, then do any of the LARP groups have one
> they play with
> that we could copy from? They might have also worked out
> many kinks with
> their designs.
> I’d also suggest that while testing whatever we come up
> with that any
> shot with a spear that touches you is "good" on
> whatever it hits, no
> matter how light. Let's err on the side of caution.
> And since this seems to be intended for Heavy Rapier
> melees, it might be
> good to consider this an advanced form for Heavy Rapier
> (and leave C&T
> out of it). If we can't make it work for the masses,
> even as a separate
> authorization, then it will never be enough fun to play
> with.
> Any construction techies out there want to try their hand
> again at
> creating a possibly workable spear?
> I'd be willing to play with them, I think.
> Claire
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