[Ansteorra-rapier] Gilwell challenges the world

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Robin you left one thing in your response.  More Fun

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Henri replied to Corvin answering Rhiannon responding to my challenge:
R> As a proper Cadet to Don Robin,  I will happily fight alongside my Don
R> while Gilwell is outnumbered, but as soon as the sides become more
R> equal I'll be switching sides.
C> heh.  Nothing says "I'm taking the initiative to strike out on my own
C>  in some things" like going against your don in a mass melee.......
H> Sorry to correct you Corvin, but the REAL definition of going against
H>  your Don is saying, "I think I'd like to learn cloak and case..."
Actually, she's living up to what I think a cadet should be.  She'll stand by me until it's more glorious, and more challenging, and a better fight, to stand against me.
Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin, proud Don

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