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Kevin Wilson kevwilson at swbell.net
Sat Nov 28 16:37:46 PST 2009

Apologies for the cross-postings.
Ansteorran White Scarf number 53, Don Henri Molineaux, mka Jeff Girard, died
yesterday on Thanksgiving in his sleep, one day short of his 42nd birthday.
Jeff had spent many of the past years in constant pain from back and neck
problems, and had been told recently that his condition had gotten to the
point where surgery was no longer an option, and he would have to continue
living as he was.  Jeff saw his doctor on Wednesday, and the doctor gave him
a different type of pain medication to start using (some kind of patch is
what I've been told).  Jeff took the medication yesterday and laid down to
rest before Thanksgiving dinner.  When his father went to wake him, Henri
was already cold.  Paramedics were called, but there was nothing they could
do and he was pronounced.
Jeff's family plans to cremate him.  We do not as of yet have any
information regarding services, but as soon as we know anything I'll post it
I'd known Jeff since the seventh Grade, and my Lady Anne had known him since
first.  He was always a good friend, one who always had your back and was
loved to laugh and make people smile.  He faced more adversity than anyone I
know, and yet his optimism and hope never flagged one bit.  He loved fencing
and SCA with all his being, and was trying to make his way back into the
Society he loved.  Sadly, like so many of his hopes and dreams, life did not
allow him his glory.
Don Corvin Fenarro
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