[Ansteorra-rapier] Demo at Ingleside Renaissance Faire

Clint Lively cllively at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 14:46:56 PST 2010

Rapier Fighters of Ansteorra - 

I know many of you will, like me, be making the trip to Elfsea this weekend, but for those of you that are not (and maybe want to get your fight on), please consider joining our good friends in Seawinds at Ingleside Renaissance Faire.  I've attended this faire with the Seawinders a couple times in past years and it is great fun.  This is an excellent demo and Seawinds really wants to show off some rapier fighting.  Seawinds always delivers great hospitality, and this is your chance to not only partake, but payback.  

If you can attend, please contact Lady AriManna.  I've included her email contact in the cc line.

We've been waiting for cool weather all year - it's here - go poke someone with a stick.

I Remain,
Don Caelan MacRob - usually just called Cael


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