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Just thought i would put this on the list. I recently had the pleasure of
attending the GA's 5th year as a kingdom. It was alot of fun and i was able
to meet may different rapier fighters from our neighboring kingdom. I spoke
with some of them, forgive me but i dont know how to spell their full sca
names though i will be requesting their email address, and the rapier
community would like to inform ansteorra  that they are raising funds to
improve the rapier fields at Gulf War. Anyone can donate money, i believe
they were looking for anything that people wanted to give, and if persons,
groups or kingdoms would like to donate they would then put that person,
group or kingdom device on flags that go around the list fields. I am
currently getting more specific information as to whom to contact, how to
donate, and how to make all this good with the various parties involved but
i just wanted to post this to the list to inform everyone. I should be able
to give much more concrete data in the next few days.



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>   1. Rapier Melee Practice Tuesday night in Bryn       Gwlad (Austin)
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> Lords & Ladies,
>  If you would please share with those interested, Bryn Gwlad is going
> to be doing adult rapier melees tomorrow night at our regular fighter
> practice, and would love to have folks come along for the fun. If
> anyone can make it out, we'll be glad to see you! (
> http://bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org/whereweare.php )
> Ceallach mac Donal for
> Corbin Witheby, Bryn Gwlad Rapier Marshal
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