[Ansteorra-rapier] Rapier Champion of Champions Tournament

Jay Rudin rudin at peoplepc.com
Wed Feb 23 17:42:45 PST 2011

So you've won a championship tournament, and you are pledged to defend your branch, or the Queen, or the Roses.  Your rapier is sharp, your skills are focused, but where can you go to fight for them?

Fianlly, the answer is here.

Don Robin of Gilwell*, Champion of Namron, and Don Ingwe of York, Champion of the Steppes, do challenge all rapier champions of Ansteorran baronies, provinces, shires, other branches, the Roses, the Gauntlet and the Queen, to a Champion of Champions tourney.

This tournament will be held on Saturday afternoon of Steppes Warlord, one day before the next Steppes Champion is chosen.  To enter, you must be a current rapier champion of a current Ansteorran branch, or the Roses champion, Guardian of the Gauntlet, or Queen's Champion.

This tourney is completely new and unofficial, and has no traditions as yet.  The format isn't chosen.  I suspect that it will be double elimination (maybe triple, based on the number of people who enter), but the queen can make any request she wants, of course.  Any ideas about how to make this more fun for the participants and onlookers gratefully accepted.  This should be the best that Ansteorra's best fencers can make it.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
Champion of the Stargate, Champion of Namron

*Yes, I hold two titles at present, but only the Namron Champion is issuing this challenge, for the simple reason that I will step down as Stargate's champion before the Champion of Champions Tourney.

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