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If you haven't seen the Destreza Wiki yet, it has the system laid out here:


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> Oh, hey, thanks for reminding me, Tivar.
> First, go to Tivar's classes if you can. Good insight into several
> different things. When I was a wee little pup at my Warder's knee
> Tivar came up to Ravenslake and taught, and it was very much worth my
> time. Highly reccomended.
> And now I'll plug the other classes. :)
> I'll be teaching two classes, both of which are cut and thrust
> oriented. The first class is a basic cut and thrust class. This will
> cover equipment and other particulars in brief, and then will cover
> some basic techniques and concepts, including basic attack and
> defense, blow calibration, etc. I will also be teaching a class on
> Spanish rapier play (Destreza). This class will focus on some of the
> basic concepts of that school and it's application for Cut and Thrust,
> and also for standard Rapier Combat in the SCA. Hope to see you at
> either of them.
> Pardon whilst I hop off of Tivar's post and go pick my wife up from
> work. Hope to see folks at Candlemas.
> - Mateo
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