[Ansteorra-rapier] Blade Fodder

Jacq Ball jacqball at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 08:24:36 PDT 2012


As far as I can tell, this list is inactive. There's a facebook group,
The Legion of Swashbucklers, that's pretty active. You'll probably
have much better luck there.

I'm in the OKC area, so I probably won't run into you much, but Bryn
Gwlad is a great place to be for rapier. There are some phenomenal
fighters there.

It's hard to offer useful advice without seeing what you are doing.
It's a wild guess, but I imagine the straight thrust may be a real
pain for someone with a Chivalric background. Something you might try
is when you go on guard, look at your opponent, imagine the
straightest, simplest thrust they can make based on where their hand
and arm are, then put your sword and hilt in the way of that. Ideally,
they will have to move their hand and arm to strike you and that can
give you a little more time to react, or even a chance to hit them.
Initially, it may just mean you get killed by a fancier move.

If you were in Rene's Intro to Italian Rapier class, this relates to
the concept of "closing the line". Like I said, I'm guessing at what
would be most helpful, but it's a great skill to have.

Hope that helps.

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