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On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 9:30 AM, David Cordes <david.cordes at gmail.com>wrote:

> While I think the idea is in general a good one, there are a couple of
> specific issues that I have with it.
> The first of these is cost-based.  Yes, heavy rapiers are relatively
> cheap and readily available today, but particularly for someone with
> little disposable income (people like students, at least in theory!),
> a light blade is potentially a more practical investment.

It is now possible to get a full rig with a Hanwei blade for about $100.
Not utterly cheap, but affordable and the Hanwei will probably last several
times as long as a standard epee or foil blade.

> The second concern is more fundamental, I think.  If or when this
> measure goes through, what happens to those who for medical reasons
> (generally problems of some sort in the arm) cannot use a heavy blade
> (or at least cannot use it for any useful amount of time)?  Yes, the
> proposed change allows for variances from it, but by the current
> wording, this is only for individual events.  This change would mean
> that those fencers could only fence at events where they notified the
> marshal in charge that they were going to be attending and wanting to
> fence with light blade more than a month in advance, and that said
> marshal in charge got the appropriate permission, more than a month
> before the event.  The other question with respect to this, is what
> happens at practices?  If its an official practice, would we still be
> able to give people who come up and express an interest the chance to
> try fencing with  a light blade?
It is possible to get a heavy rapier rig that will be just about the same
weight and balance as an epee.  Check out the set up that HE Simone uses or
HE Claire...both weigh less than my old epee.

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