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Thu Oct 11 07:16:45 PDT 2012


Someone above in the thread commented that the use of the epee was "in
decline". I feel I must disagree. The epee and the foil are not in decline,
they are effective dead. The decline began at least a decade ago, and
continued until you almost never see an epee come out of a bag at any major
event in any kingdom in the known world to the best of my knowledge. When I
started, roughly 15 years ago, the Middle Kingdom had already decided to
ban the epee and go to heavy rapier exclusively. While that choice was
sudden and highly controversial at the time, eventually it worked out, and
I think it was a net benefit to the game there. We didn't lose people
because we couldn't train them - we simply trained them with schleagers and
eventually heavy rapier simulators. We had an epee authorization for Gulf
Wars, but once the Epee was phased out of the melees there the need for
that authorization essentially died. Almost no one was using them in
tournaments at Gulf at that point, anyway.

The epee and the foil are effectively dead. The rare bout fought with epee
is simply the exception that proves the rule.

- Mateo

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