[Ansteorra-rapier] Proposed revision to rapier rules

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 If the inspecting marshal does not know how to inspect a weapon, he/she should ask if there is a marshal who does know.  If one can't be found in the area, the fighter should go find someone who can instruct the marshal how it inspect that weapon.  If not can be found, the fighter should be asked to use another weapon.  if they can not, then the fighter should stand down.  If the fighter refuses, then it's up to the marshal to decide.  After all, it is his/her field.I agree. A censes should be taken to decide if we disallow these weapons.  But I would ask that foils and epees be separated.  Vote to disallow foil only.  And vote to disallow epee only.  Don't lump them together.  This should not apply to youth rapier, only to adult.

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> Here are some of the facts that I gathered from reading this thread (I didn't read every message).
> 1. Epees are in a state of decline (actual numbers unknown).
> 2. Youths still use them as their primary weapon in Ansteorra (Some other Kindoms have HR as their Youth Default).
> 3. Fewer marshals are experienced with épées (Do we down check them at events where this is the case?)
> 4. Most Inter-kingdom events have transitioned to HR. (Indicates an SCA wide issue.)
> If the above are true, what courses of action do we wish to present?  Good leaders will advise the Crown of all options and allow them to make decisions that address the most likely and / or most dangerous risks involved.  We have a great deal of assumptions being passed around.  I recommend we work toward confirmation or denial of those assumptions before moving ahead with any proposals.  A poll may help clear up much of the guess-work.
> Gassion
> FWIW: I've had 1 épée fight in the last 2 years.  Prior to that, I lived in HR only Kingdoms for 5 years.  I started with épée in 2001 and used them for 2 years before completely transitioning to HR and C&T.
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