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And a response is this, 
with little or no effort all of these things can be done...armor inspection remains the same and between schlager and epee/foil, a marshal can be shown the differences of inspection in less than 5 minutes, possibly a small paragraph in the rules and what bureaucracy do you speak of?  You mean the epee fighters themselves that would gladly get this done so they can play with their own weapons.  as far as the cards, the heavies have a separate authorization for fiberglass spear, I dont think a separate one for foil/epee is that big of a deal.
Epee and foil are PART of our past.  I see no good reason to discontinue them because of a unwillingness to spend an extra 5 minutes training a marshal and adding a paragraph to the rules and asking those that want to play with them to be willing to provide their own marshals.
Karl Thorgeirsson

Tivar asks - 

How are we lowering our standards?

To which I respond - 

By keeping epee and foil on the books. I say that without any negative connotation outside of the readily apparent fact that our current rapier simulators, the ones that basically everyone everywhere in the SCA uses regularly with some few exceptions, are so clearly superior to epee and foil that those latter blades look quite out of place on our field. 

Epee and foil are fossils of our past. I see no good reason to continue to provide a rules infrastructure, marshal training, and authorization bureaucracy in place to support them.  

- Mateo

it is good to know, it is better to do, it is best to be. 

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