[Ansteorra-rapier] Proposed revision to rapier rules

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Tivar, no matter what we say, we aren't going to convince you that these are
a risk. While they have been deemed "safe" in the past, there is a history
of higher breakage with foils and epees than with heavy blades.
Unfortunately while I can't produce statistics, I can produce results from a
survey done in 2004 at
http://www.therotunda.net/rapier/survey-1/q11-light-blades.shtml where
several kingdoms pointed out that foils and epees break more frequently than
heavy blades. While they are on our books, the majority of the fighters and
marshals don't know how to inspect them properly and know what makes them
unsafe now elevating our risk for a statistically insignificant usage.

It is particularly disturbing to me that we're authorizing people in a
fighting style that people aren't actually using. If we don't eliminate the
blades, we probably need a reeducation and cleansing program of our current
participant and marshal list by actually enforcing the requirement to see
them show proficiency in the light blades.


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>All sorts of things are part of our past, but that doesn't mean we need 
>to hold onto them. Elves are part of our past, for example, but we 
>don't have them anymore.
>- Mateo

Except that foils and eoees are not *just* part of our past. As has been
said by several people here, they are still being used. And I see no reason
to tell these people "Sorry, we're changing the rules. 
We don't care why you're not using a heavy blade, either move up or get

And you still haven't answered the question of who is being harmed by the
presence of these blades.

         -Tivar Moondragon 

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