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Oh good, so at least I haven't been hitting the bottle!

To Jacq's point earlier, I believe there is some discrepancies across
kingdom on how the paperwork is filled out. I am looking at a few
authorizations I've received in the last week and they both rapier
categories checked off. I know when my authorization was done, only heavy
was done and I believe Pug yours is the same as well.

Given this conversation, I'm questioning if F/E were done with these new

If so, great!
If not, we need to tighten up the definitions so that all marshals are
reporting the same information across the kingdom. In the meantime, I'll be
reaching out to the marshalls that submitted the paperwork for
clarifications. :)


On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Pug Bainter <pug at pug.net> wrote:

> Katy Hendrick (pancua at gmail.com) said something that sounded like:
> > I am looking that up currently. I thought I had those numbers but in a
> side
> > conversation with Pug, my reporting is looking to be incorrect so I am
> > starting from scratch and going over it again. I can present the
> > information as soon as I have it completed.
> Dena, I updated the reports to capture this data as well as having a spot
> report of the combatants that are light or heavy blade only. Looking at the
> participants, there are definitely some errors either in the data or in
> the inspection process as I know some of the "light only" entries have
> been fighting in war points at Gulf Wars which are "heavy only" scenarios
> as cross-over fighters from the Armored field.
> As for the counts:
> Light Rapier Only: 15
> Heavy Rapier Only: 38
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