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Hello all,

The Lost Thesis
In December of 2008 I took my fencing master’s exam, and one requirement
was a research thesis.  Because San Jose State University was shutting down
the fencing master’s program, the thesis requirement was waived based on
the quality of the research that both Eric Myers and I had done into
historical fencing traditions.  Unbeknownst to the board, the research was
complete, and the thesis was mostly written.  Thanks to the team at
Freelance Academy Press this lost thesis will now see the light of day.  In
addition, I have included minor updates and corrections we have found
within the last four years.

The work is written academically with textual evidence translated by Dr.
Mary  Curtis from primary sources to support the interpretive work.  This
presentation attempts to preserve the original context without translating
the tradition into classical fencing jargon.  It is Destreza expressed as
closely to its own scientific mother-tongue as possible.

Within the pages of the thesis we discuss:

* Choosing a weapon that won’t get you arrested, exiled or scorned
* Stance, footwork, and the power of natural movement
* How the Spanish handle distances as places
* The three defenses of the Spanish tradition
* The five offenses of the Spanish tradition
* The four General Tretas (techniques)
* Spanish notation, the Spanish circle, and much more…

There is enough work here for a study group to begin to exercise the
tradition using the theoretical science and context appropriate to the
swordsman of Spain.  If you have been waiting for a Spanish work in
English, this is one place to start.

Expect the ebook version to go live on the Freelance Academy Press web site
within the next few days.  A print version will be included in the upcoming
WMAW journal.

Please feel free to share with any lists that might be interested in this

~Don Pachomius OneShoe WSA
(Mundanely Master at Arms Puck Curtis)

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”
Galileo Galilei

Spanish Swordplay

Italian Swordplay
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