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Sean Hertzberg colsith at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 11:27:01 PDT 2013

One of the issue's that we have discussed in the past as something Rene
needs to work on is prowess.  Will he be able to fight at the level we
expect of the Circle?

In answer to a call to help push him forward, several folks have made trips
to Austin to work with Rene at practice.  This was a good thing, was great
to see folks there and they got to work with several people at our
practice, as well as work with Rene to help him fight better.  Thank you to
those that made the journey, always great to see you.

After a few weeks of this, the proclamation was made by a couple folks that
Rene was now ready.  His fighting issues have been fixed and he is ready to
go.  (yes, there are other issues that have been raised, some of them the
same ones that have been raised about Rene multiple times, but for now,
concentrating on the fighting question).  When this proclamation was made,
I questioned it because I felt that 3 weeks of working at practice is not
the same as what does someone do in a tourney.  I was assured that this was
not a problem, he was ready to go.

So...this last weekend was Hellsgate's event.  Rene was there and entered
the list.  It was a swiss 5.  He fought well for the fights I watched.
However, I will bring up the fight where he faced me.  We fought sword and
dagger, his best style.  For me, it is not my fav, certainly not my best.
As we got ready to walk on the field, I said to him "alright, bring
it...show me what you have."  I looked forward to seeing what he would do
with his new attitude.

And they called lay on, and I came on guard, stepped into range....and
looked at him for a moment as if to ask if he really wanted to do this.  He
did not move and about 2 seconds later I hit him with the same shot I have
been hitting him with for the last 7 or 8 years.  Bam.  Foot, gone.  He and
I have worked on the counter, I have told him numerous times to hit me in
the head when I go for his foot.  He never moved.  And once the foot was
gone, the fight was over.

Now....this was one fight.  And while my foot shot may not be at the level
of Brendan's, it is still a damn effective shot.  And we all have things
that for whatever reason we simply have a mental block with.  I know I have
a couple still.  But for someone that we have been told everything is
solved and after 3 practices he was now a new man and ready to stand toe to
toe with whoever....sorry, he stood there and let me hit him.

I will say it again, I really like Rene.  I think he has the potential to
be one hell of a WS.  I do also feel there are still some issues to
resolve.  This is one of them.  And as a member of this circle, I feel it
is my job to say something.  If the rest of the circle disagrees, not a
problem.  I do not feel that he will do any harm if he is brought into the
circle.  If Her Majesty decides that he is ready and wishes to elevate him,
I think that is fine.  I will support her choice and welcome him gladly.

But because of this, and a few other reasons that have been mentioned
before, my vote for now will have to remain "Not Yet".

In service, always,

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