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Sean Hertzberg colsith at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 11:55:47 PDT 2015

>From the Society Rapier Marshal

Avery Shaw
Ansteorra KRM


An updated version of the the Rapier Marshal’s Handbook (dated October
2015) has been approved by the Board of Directors and published on the
official SCA website -
. A printed copy of the new handbook will also be available for ordering
from the SCA MarketPlace starting next week.

This updated version of the handbook has been published in order to
incorporate all additions, rulings and clarifications that have been
announced by this office since the publication of the previous edition
(dated October 2013). These updates include adding the new sections
covering the use of spear / pikes / polearms and defining sword types, a
clarification of the language disallowing the use of cut and thrust rapier
techniques in melees and a few other already announced corrections or
clarifications. A complete listing of the updates can be found page 3 of
the handbook.

Please make sure that you and your fellow marshals are using the most
current version of the society handbook.

In Service,


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