[Ansteorra-textiles] Introduction

Audette des Grenouilles audette at sapheron.org
Thu May 16 10:25:04 PDT 2002

Hi!  It seems we've been asked to post our interests, and other pertinent
information, so I'll try to be relatively concise.

My name is Audette des Grenouilles.  I moved to Ansteorra last summer from
the Principality of Avacal, in the far northeast corner of An Tir.  I now
reside in Bryn Gwlad, and have started up a Fiber Arts guild for the
barony.  If you are from around Bryn Gwlad, and want more information on
that, please contact me off-list, at audette at sapheron.org

I've been spinning for a few months, and am now getting interested in
working with fibers other than just plain wool.  I am trying to find out
what breeds are period so as to invest in a fleece, and then learn about
dying, and processing, and such.  If I'm going to that much effort, I'd
like to be sure that it's a period breed.  I've done some processing
before, but not much.  Oh, and I want to learn about felting someday, too.

I enjoy weaving, as well, and have an inkle loom.  I've also put together
a small experimental warp-weighted loom, and am finding out all sorts of
things about weaving in such a style.  I hope someday to have a small
table loom to play with, but that will wait on the pocketbook, and on some
more learning.  I have some cards, and keep meaning to attempt card

I knit, preferably in the round.  I'm interested in finding out more about
period knitting, but am having trouble finding sources (let's just say my
education was wonderful for numbers, but not so great on libraries...).
I want to learn naalbinding, and am pleased to note it's being offered at
Bjornsburg's August college.  I've been meaning to learn about sprang, as
well, but that will wait on a few other things.

As might be apparent, I've a few too many interests for my available time,
so I tend to bounce between them as inspiration strikes, or by whatever
other method of choosing between the strikes me at the time.

Audette des Grenouilles
audette at sapheron.org

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