[Ansteorra-textiles] Introduction

Robert and Beth Ellis killian at viptx.net
Fri May 17 10:47:19 PDT 2002

Hi Everyone -
Thank you Clare, for getting this rolling - I for one am VERY appreciative!
Since I live in the sticks and hardly anybody around here does fiber work, I
sometimes feel very "isolated".  Setting up this list will solve that problem!

My name is Corrinne and I am a member of Stonebridge Keep (living mundanely in
Goliad).  I have been in the SCA for almost 23 years, and a spinner and weaver
since about 1991. My favorite type of weaving is cloth weaving, but I also like
to do variations on inkle (various styles of pick up).  I like card weaving
too, but have rarely messed with it in recent years except for research.  I
also do basket weaving, tatting, crochet, and that sort of thing.  I love to do
textile research - it's just so darned interesting! I am particularly
interested in very early period and pre-period textiles (Roman province stuff
has really got my attention right now).  Another thing I love to do is talk
weaving with other SCA people - it really gets me fired up.


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