[Ansteorra-textiles] A Mediaeval Sheep breed

V. Owens vmowens at airmail.net
Thu May 16 14:53:43 PDT 2002


Clare, Edwin was probably referring to my research for a new Hannah. For
those who don't know we lost our cow at the farm, a few weeks ago.
Coincidentally the 2 breeds I have narrowed in on are descendants of the
Celtic red cattle.

But back to the sheep.  Our first 2 sheep were Border or South Country
Cheviots a recognized breed dating back to 1372.  Minerva produced a
faaaaaaaaaaaabulous fleece this year.  When our older sheep go to the
happy grazing ground in the sky we are going to replace them with
Merinos since I have an 1861 Dallas newspaper article mentioning Merinos
for sale.

I have a Council for British Archaeology Report with an article about
British Mediaeval sheep.  Its is in my pile of things to copy for
Clare.  So who else wants a copy?  Anyone want a copy of the Plictho
(Italian dyeing manual) also?   Also, I you haven't encountered the
Oklahoma State Breeds of Livestock page it is a must see.

http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/sheep/   Looking for information on the Qinghai Black Tibetan Sheep or the
Valais Blacknose? Then this is the site for you.

I liked my sample of Soay, good color and nice and soft.  I also just
got a sample of Gotland or Gute wool (a  Swedish Landrace variety) it is
a lovely silver gray.  I've also enjoyed the sample of the Dutch Texel,
very springy and oh my I have yet to try to spin my Wensleydale sample,
a sheep with foot long locks! (I'm scared)

Well it is time to go home so I will close for now.


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