[Ansteorra-textiles] period sheep breed

Audette des Grenouilles audette at sapheron.org
Thu May 16 16:06:40 PDT 2002

Wow!  There are quite a number to choose from.

Seeing as I now know of a few periods breeds, I think I'd like to get some
fleece to play with.  I have a set of combs (currently out on loan, but
failing that, I've a friends with a set of cards).

Can anyone recommend a good source?  I know there are hundreds out there,
but it would be reassuring to use a seller that someone here has bought
from before.  Just more peace of mind. :)

Thanks, everyone.


On Thu, 16 May 2002, Nancy Wederstrandt wrote:

> Audette
> A period sheep that's easy to find fleece is the Shetland.  It's northern
> european but it comes in a variety of color - some truly lovely..... from
> white to grey to brown to black and all the colors in between.  Shetlands
> have 16 recognized colors.  It's very soft and very fun to spin.
> Others are Icelandic, Southdown (though I think the Babydoll Southdown is
> closer to what they looked like), Welsh Mountain, Jacob, and Karakul
> (middle eastern).
> That should help a little.
> Clare
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