[Ansteorra-textiles] Introduction plus other stuff

CTernus cternus at texas.net
Thu May 16 16:53:59 PDT 2002


I'm Radegund of Tours, from Bjornsborg.  I taught myself to spin in the
early 90's and continued in fits and starts.  I'm interested in anything to
do with fiber.  I have made finger-looped braids, kumihimo, sprang, band
weaving (inkle/rigid heddle/tablet), narrow cloth weaving, felt (not always
on purpose) and nalbinding (okay, actually they were snarls of fat yarn).
I'm teaching myself to knit.  Right now I'm playing with tapestry (Coptic
and Medieval), doing some spinning and planning some big projects for June
and July when I will have access to really big looms.  I have two table
looms (one of which is very sad and badly needs rehabilitation) and an older
generation Ashford Traveler spinning wheel that I got a terrific deal on
(around $80), plus endless spindles and loom parts.  I'm also very much into
research on just about anything, but textiles are a particular favorite.

Kestral, did you get your rare breeds from Walnut Ridge Farm?  I ordered
about 50 fleece samples from them plus some bunny and bovine samples.

Corrinne mentioned "In Sheep's Clothing."  Another good source is the
magazine "Spin-Off."  They're a good source for a lot of things, actually,
but they often have a large article every issue or so devoted to a
particular flavor of fiber-producing entity.  I say it that way because they
have articles on flax, cotton, qiviut, camelids, etc. - oh yeah and sheep.
Lately I've been gathering the magazines and photocopying the articles to
put in a separate binder, along with articles from the Oklahoma livestock
site mentioned earlier today.  If I have it together by Steppes Warlord,
I'll bring it.

By the way, I'm running the classes at Steppes Warlord.  Audette has
graciously agreed to teach a class on knitting, so if you'd like to learn,
come to the class.  If there are enough of us at Steppes Warlord, maybe we
can meet in the Hall sometime.  I certainly don't intend to step outside
except possibly for some brief window-shopping during the day.  We could
have a spin-in or something.

I think Audette mentioned a nalbinding class at Bjornsborg's summer
collegium.  It's being taught by Lady Vera; she taught a class on temari
balls last year.  I'm teaching something, I don't know what yet.

It's very exciting to have a local forum to talk about textiles.  Thanks,


PS. Me too on copies.  Thx.

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