[Ansteorra-textiles] Introduction

rlportwood rlportwood at earthlink.net
Sat May 18 06:49:06 PDT 2002

Greetings!  I am Ascelyn Balstene from Bonwicke. The only Kingdom I've
played in has been Ansteorra and I've been a member since 1983.  I've
lived all over the country (originally from Wash.D.C.) and several
parts of the world but didn't discover the SCA until I moved to Texas.
I'm an absolute knitting knut!  I especially love to knit socks.  I
have recently caught the bug of spinning and love it!  I bought an
Ashford Traveler and am getting pretty good at it (it's a good thing I
like slubby yarn, though).  I also have a drop spindle and a navajo
spinner but, as of yet, don't know how to use them, but would really
like to learn.  I'm bringing the drop spindle and some wool to
Warlord, so if a group of you want to get together, I'd really like
that.  I'm also interested in learning how to felt.  I have a full
ramboillet fleece that has a length of about 3" that's great for
spinning.  However, there are plenty of short sections that I just
can't make myself get rid of.  Therefore, I'd like to felt it into a
hat or two.  I presently have a pattern for a brim hat that you knit
and then felt it.  I'm spinning the yarn for that this weekend.  But,
I would also like to learn to felt without knitting the item first.
I thought I read on a post that there will be a knitting class at
Warlord.  Please tell me when that will be.  I'd love to join you.
Thank you, Clare, for starting this.
In Service,

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