[Ansteorra-textiles] Introduction

Lightfootcim@aol.com Lightfootcim at aol.com
Mon May 20 07:40:21 PDT 2002


My name is John Lightfoot, and I live in the Shire of Seawinds.  I have been inkle and tablet weaving for about 15 years now off and on (mostly off).  Recently, I was made apprentice to Mistress Corrinne and she has really shown me some amazing stuff that could be done on an inkle loom.  Aside from that I also know how to embroider, cross stitch, can crochet a mean granny square, can do some macrame and am endeavoring to learn how to spin as soon as I get some free time LOL!

I really am happy that this list has started up.  I am on another inkle weaving list and its nice to know that on this list, there is a fair chance those I don't know, I can at least meet at an event! :)

I see a bunch of old friends on the list already, and look forward to meeting all the ones I don't already know.


HL John Lightfoot :)

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