[Ansteorra-textiles] knitted socks, stockings, hose and knitted lace

Morgan Cain morgancain at earthlink.net
Wed May 22 13:01:52 PDT 2002

> You can buy it through Hastings or Barnes & Nobles.  It has a huge
> section in the front all on the history of socks and stockings.  It
> also has patterns that people have developed from actual period
> stockings/socks.  It also has a pattern for kilt hose and Elizabethan
> hosiery with clocks.

They're not "period" as we say it (pre-1600), just historical (most
pre-WWII).  Most of Nancy's stuff is that way.  But they are nice socks if
you like to knit with very fine yarn on really fine needles (I lack the
patience).  I think the person needs a little sock-knitting skill to get
through the book, but others tell me not.

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