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Well the copy I have is In my Daily Life In Medieval Times. It's the 3 
Gies books all stuck into one big
thing. Anyway, page 184 is the start of the chaper VII from Daily Life 
In A Medieval Village. It has this picture but it's titled "The Working 
Class by Jean Bourdichon from The Four Estates of Society (15th c.)"
The carpenter has a red hat and undershirt and sky blue over tunic. The 
lady is spining flax and wearing a russet kirtle with fur cuffs and a 
black hood. Child on the floor is also wearing russet with red lacing up 
the front. Is this the right picture? Do you want me to bring it out to 

> I am trying to track down a copy of a painting I saw in a book 
> several years ago.  It has a woman drop spinning in it, so I was 
> hoping that someone on this list might recognize a description.
> It's from around 1500 and is called "The Holy Family," but it 
> actually depicts a carpenter and his wife and child.  He is on the 
> left-hand side of the picture, using a handplane at a workbench.  He 
> is wearing sky blue with something red (maybe a hat or hose; as I 
> said, it's been several years, and at the time I wasn't paying any 
> attention to the man's clothes).  His wife is standing to the right, 
> wearing a russet-brown dress with black cuffs and an apron.  She is 
> using a drop spindle.  The child is crawling around on the floor 
> collecting wood shavings in a basket.  
> Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I have searched the internet, 
> but without an artist's name, it's a little difficult to find 
> anything.  There are an awful lot of paintings called "The Holy 
> Family" out there, and if the book was old, the name of the painting 
> might have changed.  
> Gwenneth
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