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Nancy Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Fri May 23 08:39:44 PDT 2003

this may interest the embroiderers of the group.

The sale continues as I sort through the boxes that are threatening
to take over one room of the house <grin> All prices include
shipping to where-ever. Looking for something special - please ask I
may have it buried in one of these boxes! Payment is money
order/check or Paypal. Thanks for looking

Heraldry For Embroiderers by Vicky Lugg and John Willcocks
128 pages, 12 color, 75 black and white photos, 153 line drawings,
book shows how to
incorporate heraldic motifs into needlework. Descriptions of the
origins and history of heraldry,
actual interpretation of the embroidery, suitability of various
embroidery techniques.
Asking $20US
From: "Cheryl P" <daryl_parkinson at hotmail.com>
cornerstonefibres at yahoo.com

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