[Ansteorra-textiles] roll call

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your Pardon, my Lady
I've been out on the trail since midwinter, and only now have been able to
use more civilized means of communication.
   you mention a Weaving and Spinning Guild....*where are you!*??

I'm located (usually) an hour, north east of the Steppes...at the moment
(probably until midsummer) in the caravanasary called "Richardson".

please tell me you are located a reasonable ride from that encampment.


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> I haven't been doing much of anything textile wise of late.  My husband &
> bought a house with about 3 1/4 acres just before last Thanksgiving.  Then
> he had surgery in January which he is recovering from and I'm having
> in April.  My 4 heddle loom did not make the trip well, nothing major but
> need to find my instruction book to put it right and it's still packed.
> lately I've been more concerned with painting, setting up our archery
> making plans for landscaping and planting, planing new garb after we lose
> weight from the surgery, planing all the wonderful things we can do with
> 40 by 80 foot 2 story metal building with 3/4 bath and plans to convert
> 2 car garage into my Library.  But first we have to finish unpacking
> everything so we can find stuff.
> I'm also trying to get a Weaving and Spinning Guild going but people who
> they're interested don't show up for the meetings.  (Sigh.)
> Darcy
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