[Ansteorra-textiles] Flax

Gail gailh at fanninelectric.com
Thu Mar 18 15:42:38 PST 2004

MessageAHK!   AHK!! HUZZAH!!!!
    you *found* it!!

(sigh) now, the only problem is I'm in the wrong place....and I probably won't be home more than a few hours a week, until midsummer.........


you know...........I might just buy some seeds...just to make sure I have them......*next* summer....

..............I wonder how they would grow in Texas, in the winter?

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  Found it!!
  Go here:http://www.sandmountainherbs.com/Catalog.html
  100 seeds for $2.00
  They have a whole selection of seeds to start a dye garden, too!

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