[Ansteorra-Textiles] New to SCA making little girl outfit

Carolle M. Cox hpockets at verizon.net
Thu Dec 8 14:54:12 PST 2005


When I say new I mean really new....
I looked up pinafore on the web and that looks basically like what I would
call a Jumper in modern sewing or maybe you could suggest a picture example
if that's not right...
SO help me  a bit more with the layering here
first the chemise right?[*] Yes, always 
then the pinafore
followed by the bodice  or just nix the whole bodice and  use the pinafore
as the over dress... or the pinafore goes over the overdress???  kind of
like a full apron which would be great for feast wear...  
Right!  Chemise/smock, then dress, then the pinny.  It's just a strip of
cloth with a hole in the middle for the head to get through.  Simple, and a
piece of cake to work up.  Kids wore the same clothes for days, weeks,
months.  There had to be something that could be changed easily - and this
really fits the bill! 
so are you confused yet??  :o)[*]  Oh, no.   
Also thanks so much for the explanation of a flat felled seam that makes
total sense.. and was great explanation
I will have to go back and trim one side of the seams I have already started
on my over dress but I think its worth it for such a clean line as I have
seen in other peoples work.
It does work well.  I forgot once to mis=match the pieces, and had to trim
one side.  It was annoying, but the seam looks so much better, and since
they had nothing but woven fabric, you pretty much Had to deal with
Thanks again
I will try to make fighter practice when the weather warms a bit, its
difficult to get home to bear creak from work pick up the kids and then go
back across town to U of H.  Do you know of anything more in our area??
We live between Hwy 6 and Barker Cypress near Clay Road 
I live in The Steppes, up Dallas way, but I know some people down in your
neck of the woods....

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