[Ansteorra-Textiles] New to SCA making little girl outfit

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Fri Dec 9 19:00:33 PST 2005

> the babys hand width  so like 1-1/2 inches  down the front  white on
white so  maybe a simple cable stitch across the front? three rows max

Sounds good.  I am not able to go into the more common versions of their
smocking over the internet (are you familiar at all with pattern
darning?).  The cable stitch is a great starter stitch and should be fine.

>   when I do this should I leave the pleating thread in the back??  or
> take it out and let the smocking embrodery hold the pleats together???

It was done both ways.  If you have any good pictures of Holbein he has a
married couple in two portraits, the gentleman's chemise is pleated and
embroidered and has had the pleating stitches removed and the woman's
chemise is pleated and has cordwork done on the pleats (my favorite
smocked piece from period) and you can see the pleating thread.  I love
Holbein for his nearly photographic pictures of embroidery.

>   Is there any tricks to attaching the ties to keep them from flatening
the pleating?

If you attach the band to the back of the smocked front, sewing only the
valley of the pleating, it should work fairly well.  As does the previous
submitted suggestion attaching to either end.

Travel Well,

Prudence the Curious

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