[Ansteorra-Textiles] More About Me and A Spelling Correction

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Joshua, the situation really has nothing to do with your age, your ADD (my
kids have it, too), or your future plans.  What it does involve is the fact
that textile workers are not likely candidates to answer your question.
This list is severely limited by our Owner/Moderator to discussions of
Pre-17th Century textiles - that is to say, sewn, knitted, felted (fulled),
embroidered, and/or woven garments and items.  You'll need to rephrase your
question to this group to use the many years of expertise in JUST THIS AREA
that exist here.
 I would have to add that the Knights Templar have about been researched to
death (pardon the pun).  There are at least three books about them on my
shelves, and I am by no means a collector in that area. Hopefully you will
find a unique approach that will sell.  In addition, unless you have a
pre-production contract to publish and sell your book, you may find it very
difficult to to accomplish that after the fact.  The things against you are
what I mentioned above, and the fact that authors of text books are most
often holders of PhDs in at least the general discipline (history). 
 I'm not by any means trying to tear you or your efforts down.  I just don't
want you to waste any more time and effort on this group or others like it
that honestly cannot help you.
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Ok folks.  It is time for to come out and say that I am 27 years old, High
School grand with some collage, I am also living with ADD, and my english
skill has and will probably will always sucks.  Now with that being said yes
I am talking about "Knights Templars."

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