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  Don't weave the band too tight when using wool.



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You didn't describe how your patterns "don't work right"...
Does the thread break? (twist issue/strength issue)
Does your thread pill up and catch to where you can't beat the shed down enough for the pattern to emerge right? (Spray starch helps me keep the fibers slick...)
Maybe the pattern is written in a confusing way (there are 5-ish ways people typically represent tablet/card-weaving patterns)
Most viking age patterns are pretty difficult ....might want to get some time in doing very simple ones like -stripes lengthway down the warp (or all one colour) ... turn the tablets as long as you can one way...and when you can't turn them any more...or on your whim (they didn't seem to "count" ) turn them the other way... or not so viking era patterns ... (like 4 up and 4 back or chevrons  or ?  - there are an almost infinite number of possiblilties)
You can use the non-viking-era bands on your clothes or dependent upon the pattern give them to later period people...or use them to tie stuff up...You can get away with alot in the SCA since most of the SCA is periodish/esque - much more than you can get away with in many of the Vike re-enactment groups. 
Your local SCA should have a "craft nite" or something similar (the local group's name is Namron - yes that is Norman backwards) where you might be able to get local help...
or put out a call on their local e-list (if you go to www.ansteorra.org you can find linques to the web page of the group you live in which should have the e-list info)
There is also a card-weaving yahoogroup and NorseFolk2 yahoogroup that might help...
*but* *search* the archives for info before you post... you will probably find your specific issue there. 
May Frigga assist you in your endeavours,
Lorraine DeerSlayer

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Hi, my name is Vickie Clark. I have tried to make several of the meetings on Wed. night. As of the last month I have been caring for my father, we are in his last days. I start back to school next Wed. night and that will be my regular class time for the next two years. Soooo, maybe eventually I will have a Wed. night free and be able to make the gatherings on Wed. night in Norman.
I learned inkle weaving  last year and since moved on to tablet weaving. I have had a couple of basic lessons so far. I have been trying to teach myself and have gotten really frustrated with my projects. Talking with people I have decided my main problem is my material that I am trying to use, which would be hand spun and dyed wool. Everyone has told me to use embrodery thread. Since I am doing the tablet weaving to go with my persona of the Viking age I really would like to use wool. I know I am doing something wrong for my patterns to not be successful. I am looking forward to chatting online or talking in person with everyone and hopefully come up with an answer to my problem. Vickie Clark  
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