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Sun Apr 16 21:47:16 PDT 2000

The list has been quiet lately.  A few of us have been talking about 
orginizing a Bardic Weekend.  We were wanting to do something in the central 
region, but so far this hasn't been working out.   We are wanting an event 
where bards can get together and swap material, perform, teach a few classes 
and generally have a good time.  I personally would prefer a camping event so 
we can play well into the night and not have to go home at the end of the 
day.  If we can't get something going in the central region I can prouably 
make something happpen here in the North.  I'm not sure when though as the 
calender is very crowded.  Will people come if we put on the event?  Can 
someone make something happen in the centeral region?  What would you like to 
see in such an event?

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
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