Bards - To one... To all !!!!

Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at
Tue Dec 5 15:29:12 PST 2000

To one, to all among the bards of the north, the south, the coast and the 
whole of the kingdome of Anseorra.

I bring news and opportunity to you. The shire of Mooneschadore is holding 
an event next year after Gulf. The theme will be sheep wars, and the final 
ideas are far, far from solid. There is talk of a bardic Collegium, and 
other activity ideas are welcome for discussion. This is a change to 
maximize the fun factor that we like to have, so to everyone, please reply, 
the more idea the merrier.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

Please reply to
mooneschadowe at

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